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Welcome, visitor #. So this is music post-soundLife; I decided to put a music rotation back up. I won't set a rotation date, but at best I'll say it'll be monthly. Music is for evaluation purposes peoples, you know the deal already: delete after 48 hours and purchase the CD is you ♥ the song.

Rotations will be by genre. July's rotation is Rap/Hip Hop. Scroll to the bottom to vote on the next rotation.
Permanent Site's namesake: Aloe Blacc - Whole World.

Explanation: Don't be turned off and 'x' out just yet now. I'm pretty peculiar about rap. Personally I'm not really into mainstream rap. Every time I hear Soulja Boy or Lil Wayne I want to run headlong into a brick wall. But what is important to remember is that rap is MUSIC, and just as good as any other genre.

The music is posted up so you can sample it before you download. So give a few songs a try before you call it all crap, please

now the main event:

Braindrops ft Genelec & Memphis Reigns - Penance

Cyne - 400 Years
Cyne - Escape
Cyne - Running Water

Genelec - Sunwheel

J Dilla - Won't Do

Lupe Fiasco - You My
Lupe Fiasco - It Hurts Me Soul

Nujabes ft Cyne - Feather
Nujabes ft Substantial - Hikari
Nujabes ft Shing02 - Luv Sic Modal Soul Remix
Nujabes ft Shing02 - Luv Sic pt3

Shing02 - Lift the Fog Up

Talib Kweli - The Proud
Talib Kweli - Listen
Talib Kweli - Sunshine

Terminology - I Did It

Zola - Mdlwembe

Lord Ajasa - Otiya

Deux Vultures- Adhiambo Si
Amuro Namie - Something Bout the Kiss

Doberman Inc - D.I. Anthem 2006

K Dub Shine - Gaki de iin no mo raku ja ne-

Nobodyknows+ - Shiawase Nara Te wo Tatakou

Yamadaman ft Butcher - Don't Cry

Zeebra ft Hiro - Big Big Money
Dialated People ft Kanye West - This Way

Gangstarr - Battle
          HARDCORE RAP
Pastor Troy - Saddam

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